About us

                                                    HURSAMED  LTD

HURSAMED is a relatively new company on the huge tourism market, but she's not new to the Medical and Health tourism

HURSAMED has sole or principal activity of medical and health tourism

Medical tourism is a global phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of medicine, economics, and tourism professions; it is a very sensitive area, because it is about a human health and human life as the most important human values

Opened by Tsetska Georgieva longtime health worker (Bulgaria, Libya and Greece) with registration and headquartered in Bulgaria

HURSAMED started its business to Greece-Bulgaria and Bulgaria-Greece

Also she works with local patients in Greece but with Bulgarians who live and work in Greece

Helping to diagnostic and therapeutic needs of patients in Greek hospitals and clinics, as well as in Bulgarian hospitals, clinics, after-care centers for rehabilitation and recreation

With confidence steps our business begins to grow 

We started a good and successful cooperation

Started successful cooperation with the first in Southeastern Europe HIFU Center „St. Marina” Pleven, Bulgaria and became representatives of patients from Greece

Created the contact and cooperation with highly qualified doctors, hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers in Bulgaria and Greece

In fact, our work started to bear fruit

Every day we contact new associates and expand our activities

About offer good and professional services to our customers and patients

Parted activities of Sections each sector has very specific activity

  • Health Consulting
  • HIFU Treatment
  • Sections Tourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Health Tourism
  • SPA & Wellness Tourism
  • VIP  Tourism & Business Tourism 

But the ultimate goal of every sector is one: human health and human life, because the human health and human life are the most important human values


Which sectors “Hursamed” LTD  cooperate

What are our potential collaborators?

  • Hospitals in the private sector and clinics, high-tech sectors in medicine, new methods of researches, therapies and surgical methods and outpatient surgery facilities
  • Doctors specialists in all areas of medicine  for examinations and consultations also for Virtual examination and consulting
  • Dental clinics ,doctors and dentists with independent private sector
  • Health and wellness clinics
  • Anti-aging clinics, wellness retreats and resorts
  • Assisted reproduction and infertility clinics
  • Spas and thermal springs resorts, balneology and thalassotherapy resorts
  • Dialysis centers and senior expatriate communities near a private sector healthcare facility
  • Hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments located proximate to private sector medical providers
  • Airport authorities, commercial airlines and commuter air taxis with private sector medical facilities nearby
  • Yachting and cycling suppliers, walking tour operators, local historical and adventure tourism attraction owners and operators
  • Golf and tennis resorts with working pros and coaches that can incorporate medically-assisted golf swing and tennis serve analyses
  • Limousine and shuttle services, motor coach tour operators, private drivers, guides and certified interpreters
  • Destination management companies specializing in yoga and other spiritual, religious, and indigenous cultural ritual healing tours
  • MICE organizers who plan combined health and wellness activities and experiences that are unique to the destination
  • Luxury travel brands that combine unique tours and activities with an executive checkup at exotic destinations
  • Food and beverage outlets that can accommodate special needs travelers, prepare special diets and spa cuisine menus
  • Wineries, cheese makers and organic farmers and ranchers that are oriented to wellness leisure experiences and tasting tours

Combinations no have limited our goal is to offer the right health and wellness package for our patient ..